VERY LIMITED Colors of Dove Electric Violin - Handbuilds for a Modest $648

VERY LIMITED Colors of Dove Electric Violin - Handbuilds for a Modest $648

So far, Dove has been the most popular model among our electric violin lineup. People like it for gorgeous painting, as well as natural-sounding tones.

We are therefore happy to make more variations. Check out Dark Phoenix and Rose Phoenix - adapting the original concept of a bird shape, the new colors are still abstract but even more aggressive.

They come in very limited amounts. We will see how people react and later on decide if either color should be made regularly.

Due to their scarcity within the foreseeable future, those "limited editions" are USD 20 more expensive, which we believe is quite modest. USD 648 for a handmade violin as such does sound like a dream, doesn't it?

If you like the overall design of Dove but need something other than blue, you now have more than 1 options!

Visit Dove's page to learn more about this amazing instrument, and watch artists playing it!


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