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Where We Come From

Kinglos Neo Classical is an electric string instrument designer workshop since 2009. As part of the major global string instrument supplier, the Kinglos Group, we were able to gather a bunch of instrument designers and luthiers each with 20 years of experience.

In the early days of the workshop, our primary goal was to design musical instruments for brands and musical stores around the world. We covered acoustic and electric violin, viola, cello, double bass, and much more.

It has been great to work with those beloved brands, but from time to time, we came up with designs that we preferred to put our own label on. We believe a lot of those ideas can only be fulfilled with a consumer brand of our own. That's why, while maintaining the current collaborations with our partners, we decided to officially present the workshop brand of Kinglos Neo Classical.

The Kinglos Way

It is pretty self-explanatory that Kinglos Neo Classical will focus on categories with a classical touch. We carefully picked just a few designs to start, so that we can keep the good fashion of hand crafting.

Today, all crafts are conducted in our Shanghai workshop. Let's explain why this "crafted in China" idea works out from the 4 fundamental aspects of people, material, design and technology:

Admirable craftsmanship

One needs to have 20 years of experience to be qualified as a Kinglos Workshop luthier. We let the same person handle a craft from beginning to completion, so that the slight natural differences between each instrument body can be appropriately taken care of during the fitting procedure.

Please look at this nice lady and acknowledge that you are not biased enough to deny someone's passion of 20 years!

The "big" benefits

A workshop is small, but the Kinglos Group is much bigger, with years of industry dominance and economies of scale to source premium wood with lower cost. We therefore benefit from top-notch materials much beyond our uses. It is a large part of the reason why our instruments can be made decent, affordable and fast.

Designs like nowhere else

Designs speak for themselves. If you like it, you like it. The underlying concept of our design surrounds "portability" and "modern", but "timeless".

It is worth mentioning that we are confident with designs not only because of our talented designers, but also because of the feedback we receive from a million users around the world by our partners. A good design should be timeless, and should make you admire everyday. We will appreciate it if you can concur watching our designs.

Technologies for better sounds

Let's not forget the sonic side of instrument design though. The worst luthier would stack all the expensive parts, while the best luthier would explore combinations. Once you have done enough combinations, you will eventually realize that a decent instrument doesn't have to be expensive at all. We may have taken one step further, because all our violin pickups are high-end custom models and are usually made in Germany by Shadow Electronics.

We'd also like to be remembered for our flawless coloring and finish. The Kinglos patented coloring technology brings vivid texture, which is perfect for either natural wood emulation or fancy arts. The best part about it is that there is no effect on sound quality, giving us complete freedom to the look of instruments.

And that's why our workshop makes great instruments. Hope you enjoy!

Kinglos Neo Classical, a Kinglos electric string instrument designer workshop (2023)

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