Well, thanks for being interested!

Kinglos Neo Classical has been launched, and we could use your help to spread the words out.

The process is simple - customer makes a video about our instrument, we reward customer with cashback. Here are the details:

Who can participate

Anyone who purchased an instrument from this website can participate.

How to participate

Use your creativity to make a performance or demo video (or anything) that features our instrument, upload to Instagram / Facebook / Youtube / Tiktok.

Please include the name of model, "Kinglos Neo Classical", #kinglosviolin, and mention us.

  • Instagram: kinglos_neoclassical
  • Facebook: Kinglos Neo Classical
  • Youtube: @KinglosNeoClassical
  • Tiktok: kinglos.neoclassical

How to get awarded

Once we verify your video, you will be guaranteed a USD 20 cashback after 30 days of the post date.

Within 30 days of posting, if your video reaches 100 organic likes on all 3 platforms combined, we will reward you another USD 10.

If it is 500 organic likes, we will reward you another USD 30 instead, making it USD 50 in total.

Other terms and tips

Not yet. If we decide to terminate this program, we shall announce in advance.

For each customer, please post the video within 90 days of delivery.

Yes, it is recommended. Sometimes the mentioning won't notify us. Please let us know where you posted, so that we can track its performance and give immediate feedback if necessary.

Anyone who purchased a wholesale version of instrument with Kinglos logo from elsewhere can also participate, but all the reward will be a coupon of USD 20 at this website.

Yes, you are. This reward has nothing to do with discounts. It is all about what happens after receiving the instrument.

We appreciate it but we will only reward you for the best video you make for each instrument. If you purchase another instrument from us, we are happy to reward again.

It depends on your intension. It is subjected to our judgment if a critical comment is constructive. Should we find it unfair to reward a post, we will disqualify it from the customer rewards.

Once your video comes to our attention, we will track its performance (about) 2 weeks later and (about) 30 days later. It will be quite obvious if anyone uses money to buy likes, so please don't do that otherwise the video will be disqualified.

In such case, please accept a USD 10 coupon at this website as your reward. If you decide to make a video later on, you can still get awarded for it but the cashback will be capped at USD 40.

It is usually done through a refund. If it becomes impossible to refund, we prefer a paypal transfer, or buy you an Amazon gift card of the same value.

Please consider an influencer collab and contact us at social@kinglos.com

Kinglos Neo Classical reserves the rights for final explanation.

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