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We support Paypal, as well as direct checkout through the following types of cards:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover

In addition, Dinner's Club is selectable by checking out through Paypal as a guest.

JCB is hosted by Verifone, a secure checkout gateway. You can also use American Express and Discover within this gateway.

If you experience any trouble with payment, please contact us for support.

We ship to anywhere reachable by legit international carriers (UPS, FedEx, etc.).

We recommend doing custom clearance by yourself. Otherwise, the carrier may charge a considerable amount of fee on top.

If you are based in the US, you will not be charged with custom duty by our default shipping intercom.

If you are based in the EU or UK, we are happy to refund the full amount of custom duty.

If you are based in rest of the world, we will be happy to refund up to 20% of your order value as compensation for any import charge (we will refer to your local customs regulations to verify).

Please provide an invoice as you request the refund.

To customers in EU: as the package goes through customs, the tracking page may offer a payment gateway. You could message us and let us make the payment. However, please understand that the package may arrive earlier than we could respond, in which case we would proceed to refund the full custom duty amount ASAP.

Because holidays are different around the world, please follow our Facebook page for announcements in order to avoid panicking. We aim to handle any duty refund within 1 business day.

The option to bypass custom duty (DDP) is available upon request, but such an option will take at least 16 days.

It varies, but 10 days is a good estimate to major destinations (e.g. US, EU).

Here's what happens after you place an order:

0. If there is no written notice on its product page (e.g. "Back in stock by Nov 28th"), the product is in stock for immediate packaging.

1. Your instrument gets checked and packed with accessories. The package goes to our shipping partner. (1-2 business days)

2. Your package receives a tracking ID. (1-2 business days)

3. Your package gets picked up by carrier and travel all the way to your door step. (7-10 natural days)

Because we use express carrier services, it rarely takes more than 10 days with carrier.

We will fulfill your order by providing a tracking ID as soon as we receive it.

Because holidays are different around the world, please follow our Facebook page for announcements in order to avoid panicking.

Within 7 days of delivery, if you haven't opened the package, you are eligible to request a full refund. You will be instructed to send the package to a reasonable designated address at your own cost.

See the full refund policy here.

Within 30 days of delivery, if your instrument suffers fundemental failure (pickup failure, parts breaking down, etc.) due to our negligence, we will send you a new unit free of charge.

We will cover the cost to fix any defect within 1 year. Please give us the quote before conducting any repair.

If your local regulations require better warranty conditions, we shall comply.

This warranty policy applies to items purchased from this website only.

If you wish to order 5 or more units, please contact us for better deals.

It is feasible to accept some reasonable coloring patterns, but it should be handled case by case. If you have at least 3 months before a desired delivery date, you may contact us.

More about our instruments

Due to air shipping restrictions, we are not able to include battery or rosin.

Most models (unless with passive pickup) would require a 9V battery or coin cell battery. Please purchase at least one battery as you wait for your package to arrive.

You may also explore rechargeable 9V batteries if you plan to use the electric violin often.

You will also need an amplifier in most cases, apparently.

We are glad that you asked, let's talk about everything here.

Miscellaneous parts including (if present) pegs, tailpiece, chin rest, end button and so on. In Kinglos Neo Classical, we most often use carbon fiber for tailpiece, and ebony for pegs & chin rest. It is not where coners are cut, but where standard gets maintained.

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