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The Kinglos Group (since 2009)

The Kinglos Group

The Kinglos Group was incorporated in 2009, and since then has become a leading global musical instrument supplier to reputable brands and stores. Kinglos goes beyond manufacturing, but specializes in research, development and design of innovative musical instruments. It is one of the few suppliers in the industry that has the capacity to supply designs.

So far, Kinglos has made thousands of models, covering (acoustic and electric) violin, cello, double bass, guitar, as well as digital piano and more. It produces over 50,000 instruments at all levels every year, and has access to premium wood and parts worldwide.

Instruments made by Kinglos are loved by stores and customers from over 30 countries because of our innovative technology, which gets reflected as unique shapes, colors, materials, and functions.

Today, the Kinglos Group is presented as 3 parts - Kinglos Supply, Kinglos OEM&ODM, and Kinglos Workshops. The 3 parts would work together quite often, while this layout gives wholesale buyers, brands, and customers straightforward places to go.

Kinglos Supply

Quality first. Kinglos offers a massive catalog for business buyers looking to fill up stocks quickly. It is made possible to swap particular parts/accessories according to the budget or if higher specifications are needed. Find the catalogue at our wholesale site.

Kinglos OEM&ODM

Kinglos is one the most trusted suppliers for those who wish to put their own logos on the instruments (OEM). We also offer a cost-effective service from design to manufacture (ODM). It is helpful to browse our catalogue at the wholesale site to figure out the possibilities of designs.

Kinglos Workshops

In Kinglos Workshops are a group of brilliant luthiers and designers whose role have been to conduct instrument designs and prototypes. Chances are that everyone who is reading this message have bumped into their designs at some point, due to the vast number of international clients they have worked with over decades.

Recently, Kinglos opened a new consumer brand called “Kinglos Neo Classical” as part of the workshop to let the luthiers craft a selection of models. Thanks to the shared access to materials with Kinglos Group, the instruments are made much more affordable than an ordinary handcraft workshop.

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