Electric Strings Designer Workshop

Electric violins that make you stand out.

Handmade Violins for All

Unique designs brought to life by luthiers with 20 years of experience.

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Who says classical instruments are boring? See our violins in style.

Rewards for Community

Post and win up to $50

We reward our customer with $20 - $50 for posting video of our instrument on social media. Click here for details.

Refer a friend for $10+

Anyone who successfully refer a purchase will be rewarded $10. In the long term, the reward is up to $50 per successful referral. Click here for details.

World’s Favorite Designs
As part of the Kinglos Group, we have access to a million players’ feedback around the globe. Timeless but brave, we come up with designs that are nowhere else to be found.
Admirable Craftsmanship
The cutting-edge technologies onboard do not contradict to the way we craft. Our instruments are handmade, examined, and tested by experienced luthiers. Each instrument was given birth by one person. There is no such thing as an assembly line here.
Patented Coloring Technology
Our exceptional, vivid coloring technology is essential to the fulfillment of designs in an affordable and eco-friendly way. This is another know-how that can be only found on Kinglos instruments. Enquiry for custom patterns.
Custom Pickups for Each Model
We spend time working on the best combination of parts. Not only does it bring down the price to customers, but also creates magic in the sonic and playing experience. Each model receives an exclusive custom pickup system either made in Germany by Shadow Electronics or designed by our engineers.

Cello & Double Bass

When ideas and crafts become giants.

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