Sylla - Alphabet - Electric Violin
Sylla - Alphabet - Electric Violin
Sylla - Alphabet - Electric Violin
Sylla - Alphabet - Electric Violin
Sylla - Alphabet - Electric Violin
Sylla - Alphabet - Electric Violin
Sylla - Alphabet - Electric Violin
Sylla - Alphabet - Electric Violin


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  • Handmade electric violin
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  • Tweak your tone: 3-band EQ & Volume.
  • Silent play: headphone output & aux-in.
  • Strings held well: weatherproof tuners.
  • Shiny finish: patented coloring technology.

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Loved by artists

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Shine Louder.

Featuring a trendy carbon fiber top, Sylla is a feather-weight electric violin with solid construction. It is equipped with mechanical tailpiece and pegs that hold the strings in place without being affected by weather, temperature, or humidity. Its dazzling finish is inspired by laser trading cards from your childhood, and is quite unique on an instrument.

Sylla comes with a versatile 3-band EQ that gives you more flexibility than most models on the market. It also has a headphone output and an aux in for play-along tracks.

With clever combination of materials, Sylla is a decent yet affordable choice for those who would like to reach the full potential of an electric violin.

Flawless coloring & finishes

The Kinglos patented coloring technology features a pleasing touch of paints and has no adverse impact on sound.

Top-notch material

As part of the much larger Kinglos Group, plenty of premium wood is available to us for lower cost and faster delivery.

Loads of utilities

Sylla comes with full control and port options that cover all occasions. Apart from the effective 3-band EQ and volume control, the extra 3.5mm phones out and aux-in are great for practice and on-stage monitoring.

Sitting well in your hand

The shape and radian of neck is time-proved to be comforting and smooth.

Professional set-up

The luthier would carefully set up the string height from 3.5mm to 5.5mm across all strings, meeting the requirements for professional use.

It comes with all

The standard package comes with a gig bag, a brazilwood bow, a 3-meter audio cable, and a shoulder rest (*rosin is no longer included).


Body Carbon fiber
Neck Solid maple
Fingerboard Carbon fiber
Bridge Solid maple
Frame ABS
Pickup Kinglos ® DV-10B custom active pickup
Control(s) 3-Band EQ, volume
Port(s) Line out, 3.5mm phones out, aux in
Strings Kinglos ® custom violin string set
Fittings Kinglos ® custom hardware
Size 4/4
Scale length 328mm
String height 3.5mm - 5.5mm
Dimensions 564mm × 203mm × 82mm
Weight 0.64kg
Battery (Not included) 9V battery
Package contents Sylla, gig bag, brazilwood bow, audio cable, shoulder rest (*rosin is no longer included)
Color variation(s)


Package accessories

Gig bag
Brazilwood bow
Audio cable
Shoulder rest

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Fred DelGizzo

Shipping was excellent. I need a product manual
Then bridge pickup seems a little of balance the volume seems stronger on the G and D strings than the A and E strings

Hey Fred, thanks for reviewing! I will write to you about using the controls. About the volume balance, that could be due to the sound on this version of electrics is thicker. You could try lowering the Bass on its onboard EQ, which will affect lower strings much more than higher strings. Usually it is favored to have a thicker tone made possible. Hope you can get a satisfying sound with the EQ!

Molly, United Kingdom
Dream Come True

So, this is my first electric violin. I used to slap a piezo pickup on my regular violin, which did the trick, but I always fancied the cool shape options that come with going electric. Pros: The tuner design is slick and handy, the sound is seriously powerful, and the fitting job is spot-on. On the flip side, the material doesn't quite scream high-end, and it's not going to edge out my old violins for solo performances. Overall, I'm pretty chuffed because it fulfills my dream of owning a playable electric violin. I'd recommend it to anyone looking to dive into the electric scene for the first time.

Mavis, United Kingdom
Decent product

I am very pleased with this purchase. I have only had the violin for a couple of days so I can't speak to longevity. I started by thoroughly rosining the new bow. The sound was good but not great. I got out my graphite bow and oh man did the sound come alive. Why make such a good violin and then cheap out on the bow. I will update this review if needed once I put some miles on the violin.

Jeanna, United States
Good beginner electric violin

I purchased this violin as a beginner player who frequently travels. It serves as a great instrument for playing in hotel rooms or situations where I prefer not to make too much noise. When using my headphones, the sound quality is satisfactory, although the volume is relatively low unless I connect it to an amp and then plug my headphones into the amp. To complement the violin, I acquired an affordable Honeytone amp, which functions flawlessly.

Khalid, Australia
Great practice violin

OK, First the disclaimer. I am not a Violinist. I fiddle around with a Violin which is why I need all the practice I can get. I am also in a constant search for the perfect Student Violin that won't break my wallet. So far in vain. I have a plywood fiddle, a German no name fiddle and the one that was found in a closet that the local repair shop declined to touch. I wanted a silent violin so I could practice at night without annoying the family or local cats. Kinglos Neo Classical didn't have many reviews but I took a chance. I am glad I did.