Exotic 5-String Electric Violin - Duchess

Exotic 5-String Electric Violin - Duchess

Yes, you saw what you saw! We present (very limited) 5-string version of Duchess at USD 998.

We were surprised to receive many requests on 5-strings, and decided to start with Duchess, mostly due to the compatibility of Shadow's pickup. It takes the least effort to come up with, meanwhile maintaining the sound quality.

Some models may not be possible to have a 5-string version, for example, the Crozz, due to the placement of pegs. For other models, further R&D will be required before listing on the website. We cannot provide any schedule at the moment.

If you can't wait, we can always discuss custom orders.

Another update is about B-stocks of Duchess. It happened during the development of 5-string version. They function perfect, except there are some cosmetic imperfections. Some store may try selling them as brand-new, but we'd rather not to.

Therefore, the lowest price of a Duchess that has never left our workshop is only USD 529. We took a shot of the exact unit and zoomed on the cosmetic defect(s) to help you make decision.

Please do us a favor by not trying to return for the defect(s) we openly showed you!

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